Whilst house-bound...

posted on: Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Woke this morning to the kind of dark, drizzly British day that so often characterises our winter. I do wonder what visitors to this country make of it? I see them sometimes getting off the plane, and I visualise them making their way to London or the Lake District or the coast and feel they must be thinking: 'what is with this weather?'. No matter how beautiful this country, it is so often shrouded in grey cloud and rain, it's a wonder anyone chooses it as a destination! Part of the charm? I guess so.

Anyway, what this weather dictates, inadvertently, is the 'Muggle Wardrobe' which I have written about before, in fact almost exactly a year ago. Good to see I am seasonally consistent. My friend Amanda, who writes her blog 'The Online Stylist', bravely defies the weather and manages to amalgamate proper, glamorous outfits into her daily life. I wish I was on her school run, she'd brighten the day. I, meanwhile, am stuck in a uniform of jeans, erring on the side of warmth and comfort over fashion. It's so sad. I do spy women who make the effort and maintain things like heels and silk shirts in their day-to-day; for me, not so much anymore. After all those years of corporate power dressing, I initially relished the down-graded wardrobe choices of the stay-at-home-mum. But now...ugh...I am beyond bored with my clothes.

And, can I just also say that so many of the choices that look really cool on young, pretty women look perilously close to plain and boring on middle-aged ones? Is this the elixir of life for the middle aged woman; clothes that have interest but are not overdone? Elegance that is not frumpy. Style that is fun and not beige. 'The Beige Stage' is the stage that comes after the 'Muggle Wardrobe'. I have told my friends that if I end up beige they are to intervene. And by the way, am I middle aged? Is 41 middle aged? Yes.

41. *Sigh*.

So I still scour Pinterest and I think: tomorrow I will banish the ordinary and embrace an exciting wardrobe. And then I wake up and it's raining and I think: nahhh. I read about how Canadian women, who live in the coldest part of the country, have to live and metaphorically die in their Arctic coats and that defines all wardrobe choices; the overruling factor. I should count myself lucky that I live in a temperate climate.

Meanwhile I am pretty much house-bound at the moment as all of the trades are scheduled in to finalise the work on the inside. We have windows! We have a floor (but can't walk on it yet), we have a kitchen (but can't use it yet; not connected), we have a houseful of our stuff that I fear I won't want to repatriate now that everything is pristine. There is a lot that remains not pristine too. I'll turn a blind eye to that.

So lots of time to write, google things on the internet that I don't need and ponder my wardrobe.

So a year on...these are the current contents of my wardrobe:

Still a myriad of skinny jeans but some I have had to part company with. Seems over the course of a year I have changed shape. Less running, more yoga? Not enough of either? My age? Are my skinny jeans conspiring against me?
Eight grey jumpers plus more. Addicted.
I ditched the Breton tops in favour of crew neck cashmere (warmer) largely purchased on sale.
One bucket handbag.
Still a shameful number of coats.
Stan Smiths - which are THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES EVER. But they also form part of many another women's wardrobe. Hate to be a follower.
The ongoing boot desire, which is not under check.
Hardly any dresses...what to wear with dresses when its cold? I just think thermals underneath is coming way to close to 'The Beige Stage'.
Helps to have good hair and to wear daily make-up which looks like you're not wearing any make-up.

Blimey! You see??!! Easier said than done...