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posted on: Friday, 4 April 2014

Isn't it lovely that Spring is here? Is it here or is it approaching? I think it's here. Daffodils especially make me smile when I see them. So deprived are we of flora over the winter months. I do this every year, I emerge from Winter as if I have been in hibernation.

I have one of these friendship bracelets and now I want to give one to everyone I know. They are so delicate and sweet.

Can we talk about lingerie? For years I was a Marks and Spencer girl; Brits will understand this, a gazillion British women have grown up wearing M&S bras and it's been great. A few years ago a wise friend directed me to Marie Jo lingerie; absolutely exquisite items that are spookily comfortable and well-fitted. The outlay was high but I did invest and my 'habit' has grown from there. The prices make me wince but there is the view that we spend so much money on what we wear on the outside, why do we not lavish money on what is on the inside?! Comfort is all and the beauty of them in an added bonus.

After twenty years together I have finally accepted that my husband and I need a bigger bed! Lingerie? Beds? What more shall I share? We are having a 6 foot bed delivered tomorrow as frankly I need as much space as possible when I sleep. And there's the prospect of brand new linen to match. Heavenly.

We are going skiing to France next week with friends...this provokes the annual love/hate relationship I have with this pursuit. Love the mountains, fresh air, scenery, food; hate the black runs, the silly boots, the schlepping up the mountain. A break will do us good though...looking forward to it.

Some thought provoking blogging this week by my friend Alison at Cowparsley; a point well made. As often referred to here, one thing I notice about leaving my thirties behind is the creeping consideration that clothes must be appropriate for my age. Whenever I feel down about this I turn to the Nora Ephron book 'I Feel Bad About My Neck'. The ultimate in witty straight-talk. The final chapter in that book gets me every time; if ever you were hesitating in telling your best friend you love them, read this and do it now. My other go-to book when I want to feel better is 'Living Beauty' by Bobbi Brown. Almost guaranteed to make me see the good in my advancing years.

Another Alexander Technique lesson has revealed it's all about a pelvic tilt for me. Bizarre. But actually true. When my pelvis is in the right place, my shoulder stops hurting.

OK and on the topic of sex - I follow Joanna Goddard's blog and am often impressed by the range of topics she covers. Like this post about sex and this one. I like the honesty and I wonder: is this her or does she have an editorial staff thinking this stuff up? It's been well-documented that bigger blogs now have a team working behind the scenes and this makes me think how blogging has become so much more like reading a magazine article than understanding one individual's point of view. I like the latter; shouldn't a blog exactly be that: a 'web-log' - a diary?

And at the end of the day, I do still want to own an Equipment silk shirt. I keep coming back to it. I bought an imitation last year but it went back...sometimes you have to go with the cult item because it is the cult item. There is a reason an item has become a cult.

And it's the weekend, which is all good! Have a good one.


  1. Funny you should mention A Cup of Jo....I admit to having a love/hate relationship with that blog. Some posts I love, some I hate! And yes, she does have writers. I would be impossible to keep up that level of writing/content plus she has so much sponsorship/advertising etc. Some of the posts feel a bit like reading Cosmopolitan magazine in your 20s...yesterday's "sex" posts made me think that....I like something a bit less teenage & a bit more cerebral - like your blog! I really enjoyed the series she did with US mothers around the world, that was fascinating. And - for my final comment on her blog - it's definitely a blog that I unfollow from time to time, sometimes I just find it irritating. She certainly has a big following though.

    The underwear you mention above is so pretty.

    You know I love Nora Ephron & that book specifically....somehow I wonder if it might be my desert island book....it wouldn't be but there is so much humour, warmth, love & wisdom in it, she is just brilliant. You have made me want to go & pick it up and read it right now LOL!! I love her.

    Enjoy skiing :) Xx

  2. I have seen and loved so many Nora Ephron movies, but have never read any of her books.

  3. Oh dear Lou, thank you so much for the lovely mention. Also, how amazing, I have been suffering for weeks with a sore neck and shoulder, and yes, I too was told it is in fact my pelvis that is the problem, the body is indeed a complex and fascinating instrument. I love the pretty lingerie, I certainly need to "update" my rather sad underwear drawer!

    Enjoy your weekend, I am looking forward to the Boat race, living with an ex rower, it is vital viewing in our house.

  4. Hi Lou. Great post as always. Hmmmm! I used to follow a Cup of Jo until she quoted me more than £3k to advertise on her blog! I no longer thought it was that good ;-)
    I have heard so much about Nora Ephron's books that I really must get one.
    Have a lovely time skiing x

  5. So many things to comment on with this great post….

    First the bed - after years of sleeping in a just about double size bed, we had a kingsize made for us this year - BLISS. Love having all that space and can't wait to climb into bed on a fab memory foam mattress every night. So worth it.

    So true how blogging has exploded and so many are now small businesses. Good for them. Have you seen the trailer for the documentary 'American Blogger'. http://www.americanblogger.com

    Ahhh - I miss M&S! Only a Brit would truely understand about growing up with M&S underwear!, moving from cotton vests to the first bra etc! I do love the pink / peach bra by Marie Jo. May have to go shopping.

  6. Hello Lou. Cup of tea in hand, I have so enjoyed catching up with the past year of your life!
    So much to comment on, I'd be here all day. Suffice to say I promise I'm back on it and look forward to reading many more posts.
    I hope your lovely family are well, and you have a great time ski-ing.
    Off to check out Nora Ephron"s book,
    Liz x


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