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posted on: Saturday, 19 April 2014

As Easter is so late this year it feels like we are headlong into Spring already. I can recall Easter weekends where we wore ski coats on our country walk. Yesterday we wore t-shirts. Good Friday was spent with good friends, a pub lunch by the water and an idle walk home, with the dogs along the canal.

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I wanted to say thank you to all the kind people who commented in response to my last post. It's always slightly awkward to bring attention to a negative comment; we should learn to take criticism with stoicism. However speaking up and the support I got made me feel better.

I have watched this video 'A Portrait of Lotte' a few times now (along with nearly 9 million other people at time of writing) and each time the part where she goes from child to young woman makes me cry. Same effect on my husband when he watched it. We couldn't figure out why, but put it down to the poignancy of having a daughter who is growing up and how simultaneously proud and nostalgic it makes you feel as you see the passing of time. Just lovely. And her brother's one is here.

I am still wearing my fit bit - over six months now. It has become part of my daily life. I just changed the wrist band to tangerine for summer! Hah. Knowing how many steps you take a day is the best way I have ever encountered of driving active behaviour. If I only walk 5000 steps (half a daily target) I feel like I need to get out of my seat and go somewhere. That's got to be good.

Our building work has gathered pace and the outside of our house is now completely dug up. No pretty Easter garden of daffodils for us! We are getting much-needed new drains and flood protection. Necessary but dull work as far as I am concerned. I am wanting the 'styling' phase...but that is a long way off!

Last night we had a young guy come to our door, late, which is unusual where we live (rural and generally accessed by car). He was trying to get to a girl's house about 8/9 miles away and was walking. He didn't know the way and was asking if he was going in the right direction. My husband talked to him outside for about ten minutes and invited him in, we charged his phone for him, ordered a taxi and paid for him to get to the destination. He was uncomfortable and clearly a little rattled and upset. So - we reassured him it was fine, sent him on his way and hoped that our the random act of kindness was the right thing to do. I've thought about it and how if my kids, when they are grown up, got themselves in a predicament where they had no money and no phone, would a stranger help them out? I get it's a double-edged sword and to some degree I was unsure how much we should have helped him. Is that a comment on my attitudes or is that a product of modern society where distrust and scepticism rule? Who knows?! But I hope he's OK.

Have a great Easter weekend...

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  1. Dear Louise,

    You have done everything right, no need or no place for second thoughts! And I assure you this is a life lesson he will remember and pass on. At least that's what I have done after experiencing it very long time ago. These moments are still very present in my mind, I consider them gifts of life. Therefore, yes it's ok and we can choose if distrust and scepticism should rule all the time.

  2. What a nice thing to do for him. I know that nowadays people are scared to help out in fear that they are being played ~ could be robbed or worse. I am glad it all worked out and I hope he found his way.

  3. Dear Lou,
    I always think of how I'd like my boys to be treated, but in this day I don't think there are too many good Samaritans out there.
    The old adage of treating people as you'd like to be treated is a bit old fashioned now.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  4. I don't think you can go wrong with any random act of kindness Lou. What a lovely gesture. I am sure he really appreciated it. Maybe it's easier to be less suspicious when you live in the country rather than in a big, noisy city (or is that just an excuse). I was thinking about what I would do if someone knocked on my door here in London??? x

  5. When my son was younger I would hope that he would pass your home if lost! I'm sure the young man will remember your kindness. I recently read an article about teenage boys/young men being the least acknowledged in society. Sad really so I always encourage anyone who'll listen to nod, smile, say did a lot more :-) xx

  6. What a wonderful thing to do! I think (I hope) that kindness is always a good thing. I hope you had a wonderful and happy Easter, and good luck with the house work. The boring structural stuff is always the worst. We spent a ridiculous amount of money putting a new beam in our foundation - something no one will ever see! Bleh. But eventually we did get to the fun bits, and you will too.

  7. That might have been my eldest son if I didn't know he was in college in Central California. But he's my kid that never seems to have his phone charged, is always on his way to a friend’s-usually a girl's-and frankly finds him in similar predicaments a lot. But he always seems to run into the nicest people--I think it's because of his own kind heart--at just the right moment. It's uncanny how he comes upon people who have helped him along, much as you did. As a mother of a son, I SO appreciate you and your husband's generosity. I truly believe that kindness spreads and I'm sure that one day some stranger will offer their kindness to one of your children when you least expect it. At least that's my lovely and inexplicable view of the world. :)

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  9. I have been catching up with your blog today and I have loved it. I think this story of your helping this young man is wonderful - you have such generosity of spirit Lou (or I have always felt so when reading your blog) and the world needs more people like you and your husband - what a wonderful gift you must be to your children. x

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