And so it goes...

posted on: Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello 2013! Let's do this! I've seen this image a lot on Pinterest and in Blog-land, however it does encapsulate how I feel about this new year. Last year at this time we were in a dark place and I recall being entirely out of sync with the impetus to make resolutions. I was hanging on by a thread instead - in survival mode rather than a growth mode.

This year - a whole different thing. And so it goes; life has a habit of handing out good times and bad and the point of it is: you have to go through both. By contrast right now, I have moments where I feel my heart literally swell with contentedness. It's hard to write that without sounding smug and I really don't mean to. It surprises me how I can find happiness in places that I thought had been fully plundered - like a miner who finds something shimmering in a mine shaft that has already delivered. Who would have thought that in the same place, with the same life I could find more shimmer?!

via patterson maker
But I have. And it's great.

A word on this blog while we are here. I started writing it three years ago this month. I can vividly recall a quiet January day, post-Christmas, pottering round the web. I found this blog and specifically this post. Something about the picture completely resonated with me and I was, right there and then, on the spot - inspired. How strange then that, Simone, the writer of those words has become my friend and confidante. How strange that had I not happened across her post, I may never have started to write this blog. And true to form, the post she has written today captures everything that I appreciate about Simone  - positivity, sentimentality, truth, realism, verve and elegance.

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Blogging has brought me so much; things I could never have imagined, from friendship to a burgeoning business and to celebrate three years of it - of chronicling my life and thoughts, is quite honestly, and as my husband would say: pretty cool.

Happy New Year.


  1. Oh Lou....thank you.

    I am so touched by your cannot imagine.

    I am so pleased that you write a blog...for so many reasons. You are such a good writer, really really have a way with words and have never been afraid to reveal & share your true feelings, for better or for worse.

    You have that rare gift for expressing and describing emotions that many of us have but are unable to put down in words for whatever reason.

    I am so happy for you that you are starting 2013 in such a good place, I'm thrilled!!

    I absolutely LOVE what you say above about finding more shimmer....see, more brilliant writing!!

    Your business is beautiful and inspiring and brilliant....and I know that this year will see even more success for you.

    Happy New Year you lovely girl.
    Simone XX

  2. Dear Lou,
    Life has to have ups and downs, otherwise the up's would just be very ordinary .......... a life full of ups just wouldn't be right !!
    It's lovely to hear that 2013 has started well for you but, if you come across a few downs on the way through the year then, so be will confront them and deal with them.
    .......... my blog is three and a half years old and I don't know where the time went but , to have met such lovely people of all ages, has been an honour and a privilege and I have loved every moment of getting to know everyone. Here's to many more years of blogging friendship and may 2013 be full of 'ups' for you and your family. That would be 'pretty cool' !! XXXX

  3. Ohh this is so lovely Lou :) I'm so glad you stumbled on Simone's beautiful blog so you could start blogging and we could all connect! I love it!
    And I'm so happy that this year has been so much better for you :) 2013 is gonna be GREAT! Xx

  4. Love that shimmer Lou ~ and I too love your words. If you hadn't of found Simone ~ I would not have found you ~ I love how this world has brought me together with some special people like you! Happy bloggiversary and cheers to 2013! xo

  5. What a beautifully uplifting post!
    Amazing what gratitude can do for your life and I hope that continues for you in 2013.

  6. blog means something for almost all people. I like your statement "in survival mode rather than a growth mode" :)

  7. To add to the 'in survival mode', my favourite quote is 'surviving not thriving', that's kind of where I am at the moment, but I know things will improve.

  8. I'm with you on blogging being cool and bringing with it new things and exciting possibilities.

  9. Hi! Your comment today made me smile and honestly was one of the best I've ever received. Thanks! We got back friday night, and we're all still getting caught up on sleep and laundry. I love this post and love your blog and am so happy you have kept going for three years. Mostly though, I'm happy you're happy. Welcome 2013!

  10. So happy to read this Lou...I am right there with you little sis.. Thanks so much for your lovely comment...I left one back for you. Happy New Year Lou!! May it be full of contentedness and good fortune. xx