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posted on: Friday, 3 February 2012

Sometimes when I sit down to compose these posts, words and pictures leap from the screen and it all comes together with hardly any effort. Other times however, there is much searching for just the right image (I am ridiculously fussy about this matter) that I spend ages looking for the right house shot or just the right expression of these beautiful but largely nameless people. The whole process is so frustrating (made worse by trying to teach myself to use my left hand to work the mouse) that I decide to give up. Then my resolve strengthens and I think that I must publish something otherwise, well otherwise what exactly?! As I always say to my children: it's not like the world will stop spinning just because you don't [fill in as appropriate depending on the life lesson I am aiming to teach]. Would your Friday be the same without these things of beauty?!

Anyway - a long way of saying: hello, I am here. Next week I'll be skiing; a much-needed family trip that we take each year. I am looking forward to seeing the snow; there is, we hear, A LOT this year. There is something wonderful about seeing your kids shoop down the mountain, gulping that fresh air and being outside all day. This weekend will be spent conducting the monster packing extravaganza that is required to get a family of four away skiing for a week!

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