Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 27 May 2011

Bonjour vendredi! This week has been one of extremes...I have to say my parenting skills have been put through their paces. An early-in-the-week trauma that required my daughter to be very brave set the scene, and since then we have been gently resetting ourselves back to normal.

I spent one afternoon on a Mummy day (as opposed to a work day) watching a rounders tournament in one of the most beautiful school settings I could imagine. I have to say, when it comes to private schools, there really is another breed of school mother. I can knock it, because I am in it; by virtue of geography, hard work and luck. Nevertheless I am secretly in awe...

We have best friends visiting this weekend, with the promise of a proper British beach hut experience, come rain or shine. It's a bank holiday too so time will be spent in the garden. Normally my realm only extends to the inside of the house; the outside is his domain. I can't get concerned over weeding flower beds and mowing the lawn. However last weekend we planted a mass of pretty roses and flowers and all week I have wanted to nurture them, water them, just enjoy their prettiness. Planting a garden is like having money in the bank. It can make you feel replete.

via dustjacket attic photograph by Olivia Graham

from marilyn tov
Be a brave girl Boo...

by lilcoletterpress on this etsy

photograph by Robin Stubbert

I really need to take heed of this:

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Oh, summer sun...when will you arrive?

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Wild mint is growing free in our garden...the smell in the evenings is divine...

photograph by Robin Stubbert

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Outdoor dining...under the blossoms...

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I liked this, so I bought it.

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A print called 'Suburbia'...was it designed for me?

'Suburbia' by caleb gray from this etsy

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This weekend, get outside...and breathe it in!

Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 20 May 2011

Crazy busy week...not quite back in the swing but on my way, I hope. I wish I could say I was having a quiet weekend but the opposite is true - we are hosting a double birthday party for both children, in the garden. It will be sunny! I can feel my yearning for a holiday heightening, starting to count down the weeks to July. We need some family time and quite simply to have nothing to do and nowhere to be for a while. In amazes me how much life ramps up even when you make a conscious effort to keep it edited and easy.

Cameron Diaz...photograph by Mario Testino

j crew summer 2010

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by me - my back garden

Kate Bosworth

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Natalie Portman

Olivia P style from from Zara

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photograph by Stephanie Rausser

Until next time...

Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 6 May 2011

Can I just start by saying 'OMG' in the truest sense of the acronym?! What a week. Obviously the spate of long weekends has put me completely off kilter, as I could not get my head together in recent days. I drove my car into a wall for no apparent reason. I was a maniac at work, flitting from one meeting to the next in a daze. I spent my evenings trying to sort out Boo's epic science project (you know that scene in 'The Devil Wears Prada' where Anne Hathaway is painting a solar system planet; that was me, except I don't even work for a dragon lady!). Not a moment for anything sensible, I was home alone, falling into bed late to watch SATC reruns as my downtime. P.S. It's at the stage where Carrie is with Aidan but has an affair with Big - Big is at his divinest, naughtiest worst = YUM.

Meanwhile my lovely sister in law is at motherhood week twelve - it's meant to be a milestone where the baby sleeps just that little bit more predictably, but my sprightly nephew was not cooperating. Mutual tears ensued (his, hers and mine) with me trying to empathise, advise, just help her in whatever way I could. That's the thing is with motherhood; no one can do it for you!

A weekend of relaxing ahead, catching up and planning the new few months out in our little lives.

Photograph by Polly Eltes

photograph by Braedon Photography via Once Wed

Olivia Palermo for Tibi Spring 2011
Perfect garden symmetry...

photograph by Polly Eltes

Elie Saab

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Country Living photograph by Charlie Colmer

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A simple stroll...

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Southern Living
I am loving this dress...have no idea where it is from though...hate when that happens!

Weekend I come!