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posted on: Friday, 28 January 2011

Hello again my friend. It's bitterly cold today and so here I sit, fire lit, ready to hunker down for the weekend. I will collect the Boos from school and gather provisions and we will chillax on the sofa. I have it all planned out.

Another busy work week for me; my work life is like a 'deja-vu' from this time last year so I am spending my days trying learn the lessons from the last big and extremely challenging project I was involved with. My mantra is 'you can only do your best, you can only do your best!' More soul-searching about whether to work or not and precious input from different friends. One friend who made me think maybe I think too much! So I am trying a new approach; it's simple - smile, let it go, be kind and others will be kind to you. Slightly abstract but worth a try! What do you think?

...ever classic, even in a raincoat, Olivia P...

I like this simple room; boats and feather pictures and white-washed walls...

If only I weren't, but I so am...

Really really tried hard to stop and take time to read this week; it's not gone that well. A couple of pages here and there...

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 Time for some 80's nostalgia... 'what a feeling...'

...the 'sorry and aren't you clever scene' from Flashdance...

I have the first blooming hyacinths of the season in my house and they smell divine...

Yet more Danish art...

by Peter Vilhelm Ilsted 'Two of the Artist's Daughters at Liselund'

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My monster house de-clutter continues...I love this laundry room; what better use for a dolls house? her face; Emily Blunt...
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Have a serene weekend...
love Lou Lou xx

Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 21 January 2011

I am generally wanting to give a cheery round-up of the week on Fridays and to dwell, just for a few moments, on some pretty pictures. This week, something has happened professionally that has left me so cross and disillusioned that I can barely stop the grrrrrr from leaping out of my keyboard! I will endeavour to get over it, but for the first time I am starting to honestly wonder if my relationship with my work has become unhelpful, unhealthy, un-me? I am compelled to consider whether I am doing the right thing in working; a point constantly revisited by working mothers who wonder 'is it worth it?' and has been the source of many a blogpost before this one.

Time to make a plan?

Meanwhile the weekend sees some much-needed family time. Returning to school has thrown the Boos into a spin as homework, routine and discipline become the order of the day following four weeks of sloth-like behaviour. It's been a tough week for all of us! Time to relax and try to think of sunnier days, easier times...

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...pretty Kate Winslet.
Ooops, there it is...

by Braedon Photography

'Portrait of a Girl in a Pink Apron' by Edwin Harris.

I have always been very attached to the past and its defining it time to apply this logic?

Quiet reflection in a favourite chair...

My new fave person, Keri Russell; I saw 'Waitress' this week and thought she was charming.

...Keri Russell...

How cute is this pup?

...gorgeousness in fabric by Vanessa Arbuthnott...

...a New York minute...

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Have a happy weekend...

Winner, winner (chicken dinner!)...

posted on: Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I just knew I would like this giveaway business, it has been a lot of fun!
So finally here are the lucky winners drawn from a random number generator!

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The first giveaway was for a gift voucher for Belle and Boo.
The winner for this is Laura who writes the blog 'A Place for Tea'

The second giveaway was for an Emma Gordon Georgia clutch bag.
The winner for this is Sophie who writes the blog 'The Littlest Things'.
Sophie could not choose between champagne and leopard - what will it be Sophie?!
This win is very fitting as Sophie and I started to write our blogs at around the same time and she is such a sweetie. I know this bag will go to a good home :-)

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The third giveaway was for a copy of 'The Scandinavian Cookbook'.
I'm really pleased given that the winner for this is Jane who writes 'My Pear Tree House'. Reminding us how small the world can be and how I hope that books are goodness in times of trouble.

Congratulations to the winners - I do hope you enjoy your treats! I will email you for postage details. The giveaway has been great, I have so enjoyed your many comments. 

Normal service now resumes... :-)

Danish love...giveaway day three!

posted on: Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy Monday to everyone! Today is the final day of my blog birthday giveaway week. I have been amazed and delighted by all of your comments and the number of new readers.

I write this with my head still full of images from the ballet yesterday. It was just incredible - the Moscow City Ballet - the talent and discipline of the dancers was something to see. I realised how great it was to see something that impressive that did not involve technology! It was pure and simple; but still created absolute awe in us. And not a computer in sight...

More country walks today in an effort to wear out the Boos; I still have two more days of school holidays contend with so it's fresh air all the way.

We are all, to some extent defined by our past, our upbringing, our heritage. I am half Danish. However that Danish half of me is not prominent all the time; I don't speak the language and nowadays rarely visit Copenhagen where my family live. But as a child we went a lot; especially when our little family needed stability. My Mum would take us back to her homeland and we would spend summers with my cousins, aunts and uncles, and my grandparents: Mormor and Morfar. My Mormor, who lived until she was in her nineties was an incredible cook and so many of my childhood memories are rich in taste when I recall her cooking.

She had a little house just outside of Copenhagen and I would go with her as she spoke in her Danish tongue that I never understood, and we would pick gooseberries from her garden to bake a tart. Or my Mum and I would return from a shopping trip and my Mormor would have made us elderflower cordial and pastries. So I associate all Danish cooking with goodness; a pure palate of honest food. So when I was given this book, The Scandinavian Cookbook by Trina Hahnemann I was transported through the incredibly evocative photographs back to my childhood.

It's the simple, sometimes austere style of Denmark that I love. The minimalism, the design, the whole clean, clear feel to it. This book sums up that feeling, when applied to food. It's broken down into seasons too, which I like, so you eat the food that is in season when it is in season, rather than sourcing from far overseas.

by Vilhelm Hammershoi

So for today's final blog birthday giveaway, a hard back copy of


To win, it's as easy as one, two, three or should I say in Danish
 'en, to, tre', 

1. become a follower of my blog 'Lou, Boos and Shoes'
2. leave a comment to have the chance to be chosen
3. cross your fingers that you get picked!

Closes midnight UK time, Tuesday 11th January.

The recipes are divine and even if you have never tasted Scandinavian food there are some beautiful things to prepare. If you don't cook, the photographs are stand-alone beautiful!


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