So many things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 22 October 2010

A week of unexpected things. A week that I thought would be tough was easy. Life is taking on an autumnal rhythm now. My son and I went to the beach for a beach hut picnic. So deserted now that the tourists have left and the beach is restored to a place for dog-walkers and people looking for the freshest of air. We wondered through the sand dunes whilst he chattered away, as only five year old boys do, about nothing, about something; whatever happened to enter his little head. Just so lovely; one of those moments that I much more aware of now as daily he grows older and wiser. One time in the future when he is a surly teenager I will remember times like that walk on the beach.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking a lot about clothes (no change) and hair (off to hairdresser tomorrow), the blocked drains and empty oil tank associated with our old, old house. In between the constant half term commentary of the Boos, this is what floats in and out of my mind.

And finally to blogging. I still question why I blog and what it all means (so typical me; just let it go Lou). I look back on posts and see parts of myself that I have shared and the lovely comments I get and it's all completely and utterly validating. This can only be a good thing so I continue...always on the look out for the perfect image or mulling over thoughts in my head that might just expand into a blog post. Who'd have thought?!

I have some many lovely pictures to share today - sometimes I have to hem myself in as there's just too much beauty!

by Elizabeth Messina

Still and always my favourite; Arne Jacobsen chairs, best when paired old and new.

via sweetiepie

Simple and perfect...

Charlize Theron, so beautiful.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson (he'll always be Pacey Witter in 'Dawson's Creek' to me!) Steppin' out.

It's hot chocolate and marshmallow season...

The elusive perfect pony tail...I covet this...

What a view. I would like to sit on this porch, on my Adirondack chair, glass of wine in reach, husking corn on the cob for dinner!

Country Living

Here's to Friday Fabulousness!

Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 15 October 2010

Thankfully Friday. This week was a week of the new job (his, not mine), economy-driving, batch-cooking, homework-doing. My children break up for two week's half term today so I am planning some entertainment and some down time. I predict walks on the beach, hot chocolate in cafes and a fair amount of TV/Nintendo thrown in for good measure! I am in a 'make do and mend' phase and have had lots of old clothes dry-cleaned; I am pretending they are new...

Thank you for some lovely comments this's heartening that you all 'get' the fine line... :-)

Marion Cotillard via Coffee and Cognac
Tree-lined loveliness...

by Olivia Graham
Alexa Chung looking positively sultry...when does she ever look anything else?

Country Living

Still love this dress...the belt...the bag...inspired.

My friend E's rabbit has had a litter of eleven babies! Eeek...but lovely.

Love this 'Bonnie and Clyde' look...

A Gorgeous palette in wool...

Lavender, stripes and a whicker bag...

I think this model, Cintia Dicker is just stunning.

via Brown eyed Belle
JFK with his daughter - such an iconic Kennedy profile.

This is my friend Rhiannon who writes Hey Gorgeous and I hope she won't mind me showing of the coolest honeymoon shots ever. How happy and beautiful does she look?  Just married and with the BIGGEST smile :-)

via Hey Gorgeous
Enjoy the weekend...!

The fine line...

posted on: Tuesday, 12 October 2010

One of my most-used phrases is this: 'it's a fine line between...whatever and whatever' [fill in the blanks; whatever can be anything]. This premise seems to apply to almost all life situations that I face. Some examples:

It's a fine line between pushy parenting and instilling competitiveness in one's children.

It's a fine line between raising a girl to be a woman and making her grow up too soon.

It's a fine line between keeping up with what everyone else needs and doing what you need.

It's a fine line between staying trim and looking gaunt/old/ill. Case in point: Victoria Beckham.

It's a fine line between wanting those shoes and needing them.

It's a fine line between spending all your time keeping house and living in squalor if housework is left to its own devices.

It's a fine line between blogging cos I love it and spending all my time on the computer. 'Are you on the computer again Mummy?'

When did this 'fine line' start featuring in every thought I have?! I'm always one to try to find the balance in any circumstance. On the one hand this and on the other hand that...

Achieving the balance of this fine line is like walking a tight rope. If you get your balance it's a wondrous thing, a great view, a thing of art and beauty. If you wobble it can make onlookers wince, you waver there for tantalising moments and then sometimes you regain composure fall. Most of the time there's a safety net so it's OK. I don't recall ever weighing these things up when I was younger, even though I was always a wise soul. But now, with advancing years I see that it's all about this fine line; finding it, walking it, straying from it every now and then...

by Steven Meisel
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